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Song Bird Feeder Plans

Plans & Instructions

A Large Feeder for Backyard Bird Feeding

19 1/2" tall.  Accommodates six feeding song birds at one time. 

Squirrel Proof:  They try, but they can't retrieve seeds from the 1" diameter by 3/4" deep holes and eventually give up. 1" diameter hole keeps bullying from larger birds to a minimum.

Easy Filling:  Just slide the roof up and pour the bird seed in the top. Durable 3/4" thick Pine and corrosion resistant screw construction.


MI feeder new.jpg (12244 bytes)




Winter time is when birds need help finding food, especially during severe weather.  Constant feeding is their sole source of energy and warmth.

Sunflower seeds are a premium feed as they are a high energy and nutritious food source, leave less waste than some other seeds and attract popular bird species including FinchesChickadees Nuthatches and Titmice.

Finches have specially adapted bills for cracking seeds

Chickadees and Nuthatches snatch seeds and fly to another perch where they peck the seeds open while holding them with their feet.

Assembly required (see instructions and plans below).

Securely suspend feeder where predators cannot sneak up on feeding birds and where it can be easily reached for safe refilling. 

Woodworking Plans Below.




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Safety First


Assemble woodworking projects in a safe area on a work bench at a height between waist and chest.

Wear eye protection.  Eye injuries are the most common assembly mishap.

Keep hardware and tools away from children and infants; store away when not in use.




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Black-capped Chickadee



Mountain Chickadee

Mountain Chickadee

Chestnut-backed Chickadee


Yellow-bellied Sapsucker


House Finches

House Finch

Boreal Chickadee

Boreal Chickadee


Downy Woodpecker


Red-headed Woodpecker


White-breasted Nuthatch

White-breasted Nuthatch


Brown-headed Nuthatch


 Red-breasted Nuthatch


Tufted Titmouse








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asmb feeder 1.gif (5671 bytes)
   1.  Fasten One Side to the Front Panel and One Side to the Back Panel with Screws using Phillips Screw
        Driver.  Make certain Upper and Lower ends are aligned:  Rope Holes are drilled near the Top of
        each Side Panel.  Feeder Holes are drilled above Dowel Holes (for Perches) in Front and Back Panels



asmb feeder 2.gif (4085 bytes)
         2.  Fasten Floor to Back Panel with                        3.   Lay Back Panel (with Floor) on its back and 
              Screws.   Floor is fastened from                             insert Hoods in curved grooves. Cut Hoods
              back side only to prevent splitting.                         from plastic fluorescent tube guards or 
                                                                                        discarded cylinder-shaped plastic bottles.



asmb feeder 3.gif (6569 bytes)
  4.  Carefully lay opposite set (Front & Side) in place
        making certain each hood fits into curved groove               5.  Fasten two sets together with screws.
        by pushing with a finger inserted into the holes.




asmb feeder 4.gif (7126 bytes)
6. Snug fit Perches into               7. Thread Rope through Holes in           8. Suspend from secure hooks
    Dowel Holes. Glue if desired.        Roof and Side Panels.  Tie                    nails, or wire from tree
                                                      knots in each rope end and                  branch, eave, or post.
                                                       tighten securely.





Song Bird Feeder Plans

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